Rob. Jones.


Rob Jones is a force of nature.

A true individual in every sense of the word, his illustration and design showcase a wit and sense of purpose wholly his own. His elaborately considered designs for bands such as The White Stripes, Arcade Fire, Jack White and Spoon, set a new standard for the gig poster - usually limited to 2 colours and overflowing with references from Hollywood to ancient Rome.

In 2014 his solo exhibition "Grief" presented more than 100 self-portraits, all enigma wrapped in riddles, combining incredibly personal memories and Charles Schultz' world of Charlie Brown. Again - 2 colours, unlimited historical references.

Rob is also an esteemed Art Director for and a co-founder of pop culture phenomenon Mondo, in Austin, Texas. He's contributed to the group show Building and we are stoked as.

Building opens at Ludlow @ Good Eddy, 6PM June 24.