And We're Off!

We'd like to say thank you so very very much to all the wonderful people who braved rain, wind, snow and hail to make the opening of Building such a stonking great success. Thanks to all the wonderful artists who contributed so much work that the exhibition was extended from the main area into the workshop space, (now featuring a small candle-lit seating area from which you can enjoy the walls). Thanks to all those who travelled from outside of Orange, from Stuart Town, from Dubbo, from Sydney, from Wollongong and from Perth(!) along snow frosted highways, to come and celebrate with us. Thanks to those artists who traveled from Sydney - Glenn Smith, Cameron Emerson-Elliott, Andrew Fairclough, Georgia Hill, James Jirat Patradoon and Pete Stopniak - you are The Best. Thank you so very much to Orange - all of you who got out and amongst it with us, and gave us so much positive feedback. AND knew how to rug up for the occasion! Thanks to Borrodell for supplying the gorgeous wine for the opening and providing the venue of Sisters Rock Restaurant to take the artists on Saturday to show them the wonders of the local landscape and produce (sorry I stole the photo above from your site.) And thanks Pete Stopniak for sending us the other three photos above. We hope you all had a fantastic time, and will follow up soon with photos and more info on the crazy mural that Georgia Hill and James JIrat Patradoon created in the space on Friday. It's ridic.