Kelly Thompson Asks the Big Questions


Hopefully you were able to catch Kelly Thompson's gorgeous, vibrant prints in our group show "Building" last month. Kelly obviously does not like to sit still because in the month since she has continued to create beautiful pencil works - check this number from her Instagram feed ( above! - as well as launch a new and exciting artists management/ creative consulatncy, "Use New Art".

Because sleep is boring, she has also kept on creating really interesting and helpful content on her blog, designed to give advice and awareness to new and established artists alike, focusing on how to build a business and how to not go crazy once you've done that!

She runs a series titled "5 Creatives 5 Days" asking the same questions over a week, to a set of 5 different.. you guessed it, Creatives. This week the group included art powerhouse Beci Orpin (who also created work for the "Building" show) and Ludlow's curator Sonny, as half of design duo WBYK. Also, curiously, part of "Building".

You can have a look through those Qs and As, starting with Day 1 - here . And read through all on her blog. There's some insights into the differing way creatives approach their business life.

The full shebang can be found on that Blog - here.