Mr Mayor

This large, arresting work that you see right as you enter Building is by the one and only Paul McNeil. Artist, designer and often referred to as the Mayor of Byron Bay, his creative output is so wide it's not easy to know where to begin. You could begin with the legendary Mambo, who used his graphics for many years, or the massive portfolio of gig posters he has built for bands like The Rolling Stones or the Beastie Boys. (I'm going to check the 1994 golfing poster for Pavement as a favourite since I carted it from bedroom wall to bedroom wall for many years.) You could look into his album cover art, covering great releases from Magic Dirt, The Clouds, Hoodoo Gurus, Kneivel etc. Or the surfboard graphics he's created. Or you could jump straight into his modern day art-practice via this Instagram account. Loose, dark, acutely balanced images with a wry wit are what his most recent works are all about. "Life Goal" is part of Building - it's 700x1000mm acrylic and spray paint on paper and we're very proud to include it in the show and for sale.

Get mesmerised with this Smog video Paul co-directed and illustrated back in 2005: