Richey Beckett

We were saving Richey Beckett as the last artist to profile from Building, because he is such an insane talent (and gentleman to boot!) We have two gorgeous prints hanging in Ludlow by the Welsh master of pen and ink, whose intricate line-work describes lush and haunting scenes combining wild natural elements and Romantic beauty. He's sought out by the biggest metal bands on Earth, creating artwork for Metallica, Mastodon, Baroness and even The Grateful Dead. His poster work for cult classic The Wicker Man is a match made in heaven. (Or the mystifying isolated island of Summerisle I suppose). We can't get enough of his winding and complex marks that combine into images that delicately balance in "Art Noveau - ish" compositions.

Both his works have sold, and we're so happy they have come all the way from South Wales to happy new homes in our region. So that means tomorrow is your last day to come and see this is real life in Orange.