QnA with Armin Greder

Here are some answers to our questions, from the man himself, Armin Greder, just one of the intriguing artists exhibiting in Scapes

Hello, Armin,
What is the first drawing that you remember doing?

A loaf of bread on the wall above my bed.

Was there a special book for you growing up, and what was it?

My parents’ (hidden, but not well enough) doctor book; it gave me nightmares.
Armin Greder, from "The City"

Armin Greder, from "The City"

How does it feel to excite young minds and do you consider yourself as a child when creating your images?

The same as exciting old minds, and no, i don’t, but neither did I consider myself an adult when I was a child.

How does your work keep you young ... or doesn't it?

I think it keeps me the age I am.

What was the experience seeing your work published in a book for the first time?

Glory. And then consternation when it didn’t win the Book of the Year.

Can you let us know what's currently in your CD player/ on your Turntable/ in your Spotify queue?

Nothing. I am writing this in a hotel room in Teheran.

A big thanks to Armin for answering our quick questionnaire. Join us at 6PM Friday August 19 for the launch of Scapes and to take in the impressive prints contributed by this commanding artists.