QnA with Jonathan Bentley

Jonathan has also taken some time to answer our Artists Questions - and providing a super cute badger pic!

Hi there Jonathan,
What is the first drawing that you remember doing?

I was at primary school and I made a collage of a badger.
"Badger" by Jonathan Bentley

"Badger" by Jonathan Bentley

Was there a special book for you growing up, and what was it?

The Adventures of Uncle Lubin by W Heath Robinson. A wonderfull, silly adventure fully of whimsy and folly and the most beautiful black and white illustrations.

How does it feel to excite young minds and do you consider yourself as a child when creating your images?

My books tend to be for quite young children and they are my inspiration. There enthusiasm and excitement about life is just brilliant. If only we could bottle that spirit!
I think the reason I find myself writing and illustrating picture books is because I've never really grown up. I am still waiting for Jeremy Fisher to walk through the garden gate.

How does your work keep you young ... or doesn't it?

In my head yes, it keeps me young by trying new things,  and always continually learning. However, sitting bent over a drawing desk for hours every day is probably not helping.

What was the experience seeing your work published in a book for the first time?

Until that moment, all you have are a bunch of  drawings usually sitting in a pile but then when the book  arrives  and you hold it in your hands as a real three dimensional thing it is very special moment. The fist one was even more special.

And lastly, can you let us know what's currently in your CD player/ on your Turntable/ in your Spotify queue?

To be honest, I tend to listen to ABC classic FM but favourites I always turn to are anything by Bjork or the Gorillaz.  I seem to be drawn to strange narrative worlds even in music.

Thanks for your time, Jonathan!

Come join us 6PM this Friday August 19 as we open Scapes and explore some of Jonathan's energetic landscapes from his next book,"Blue Sky, Yellow Kite".