Joy Engelman - Artists Talk & Demonstration


Thanks to everyone who came out in the scorching heat to join us launching the wonderful exhibition "Flow" by Joy Engelman.

We only grabbed a few quick snaps just before kick off at 6, (added below) but if you head to our Facebook page we've shared a great set of photos John Kich took on the night.

In her speech Joy mentioned she would be giving a more in-depth artist talk as well as a demonstration as to how she creates some of those stunning painterly effects and we are happy to now share the details of that with you. These images are created through many layers and a variety of mixed media using innovative and new techniques. Joy will demonstrate the various mediums and grounds used at 2PM this Saturday (Jan 21)  at Ludlow (187 Lords Place)

We have a very quick interview on our site - here - which will give you a little insight as to the concept and practice behind these works. 

This will be a truly interesting talk and we're looking forward to learning some of the things the artists has learnt through her various experiments. See you there. :)