Richey Beckett

We were saving Richey Beckett as the last artist to profile from Building, because he is such an insane talent (and gentleman to boot!) We have two gorgeous prints hanging in Ludlow by the Welsh master of pen and ink, whose intricate line-work describes lush and haunting scenes combining wild natural elements and Romantic beauty. He's sought out by the biggest metal bands on Earth, creating artwork for Metallica, Mastodon, Baroness and even The Grateful Dead. His poster work for cult classic The Wicker Man is a match made in heaven. (Or the mystifying isolated island of Summerisle I suppose). We can't get enough of his winding and complex marks that combine into images that delicately balance in "Art Noveau - ish" compositions.

Both his works have sold, and we're so happy they have come all the way from South Wales to happy new homes in our region. So that means tomorrow is your last day to come and see this is real life in Orange. 

Gemma O'Brien

Sticking with the type theme, artist and designer Gemma O'Brien is a type obsessive, weaving wonders with her lettering and illustration. You may not realise that you're already familiar with her work - be it for Woolworths, Artline, or that Angus and Julia stone album. Expert in flowing, confident calligraphy, and ornate typographic illustration, she is in demand around the globe. So how lucky are we to get to display her beautiful pencil on paper work "Noon". More of her work on display over here !

"MA-ZE" by Dave Foster

Crop of Dave Foster's print "MA-ZE".

Crop of Dave Foster's print "MA-ZE".

Dave Foster is an Australian type designer extraordinaire. 

The print he has contributed to Building, titled "MA-ZE" is immediately striking as a bold and playful design, modestly displaying Dave's skill as one of Australia's foremost type creators.

Looking further and further into it you begin to realise the incredible skill and precision that goes into the construction of a typeface, that doubles as a huge graphic patterned print.

His extensive body of work includes several award-winning typefaces, illustrative design and type for feature film posters, and branding for clients as diverse as Chet Faker and Optus. Yes, that "Yes" logo - Dave just refined that into the fluid mark you know so well.

"MA-ZE" is hanging as part of Building, last day up at Ludlow tomorrow. But also available from our online shop, in an edition of 25.

Explore Foster Type - here.

Mr Mayor

This large, arresting work that you see right as you enter Building is by the one and only Paul McNeil. Artist, designer and often referred to as the Mayor of Byron Bay, his creative output is so wide it's not easy to know where to begin. You could begin with the legendary Mambo, who used his graphics for many years, or the massive portfolio of gig posters he has built for bands like The Rolling Stones or the Beastie Boys. (I'm going to check the 1994 golfing poster for Pavement as a favourite since I carted it from bedroom wall to bedroom wall for many years.) You could look into his album cover art, covering great releases from Magic Dirt, The Clouds, Hoodoo Gurus, Kneivel etc. Or the surfboard graphics he's created. Or you could jump straight into his modern day art-practice via this Instagram account. Loose, dark, acutely balanced images with a wry wit are what his most recent works are all about. "Life Goal" is part of Building - it's 700x1000mm acrylic and spray paint on paper and we're very proud to include it in the show and for sale.

Get mesmerised with this Smog video Paul co-directed and illustrated back in 2005:

Yes! We're Open

It's been a week and a bit since we opened Building (where did it go!?!?) but we have some photos of the launch, by Phil Salmon of Colour City Creatives to share with you here.

Thank you Phil, thanks to Borrodell for the beautiful wine for the evening, and thanks again to every one of you who lugged it through hail and snow to celebrate with us.


La Boca - Acid House

This is "acid House" by La Boca, a wild new artwork they created specifically for and in response to "Building". We have an exclusive Ludlow edition of 25 of these, printed beautifully by Frame Effect. Available in the gallery until the weekend, or online from later today.

And while you're here, have drool over these spectacular Penguin UK covers they have created - more to see of those over on the La Boca Instagram. We are completely in awe of all this recent work and so proud to have them contribute to this show.


'Heaven Is Being With You' James Jirat Patradoon

'Heaven Is Being With You' James Jirat Patradoon

James Jirat Patradoon is a Sydney artist / illustrator / animator / director / Uber enthusiast / legend and we're very lucky that when asked to be part of Building he not only created this new work (above) just for the show, but also came to Orange last week and painted the wall of the workshop area with Georgia Hill (pictured below). 

He often combines super tight, weighted linework with hyper-colourful palettes recollecting 80s video game art and anime, and has created his own set of symbols and characters which have been commissioned by brands like Nike, RVCA, HBO and Converse. His website describes this as "surreal bubblegum cyberpunk paradise" and frankly I can't think of a better way to describe it.

Emerging from a print-making background, his art practice has also moved into the world of motion with a large body of animated gif art you can explore over here.

His giclee print 'Heaven Is Being With You' is an edition of 25 and $80. So while the work on the wall has sold, it is still available to purchase until the edition is all sold out. Come and have a look at Ludlow, open the rest of this week 10AM - 3PM (closed Sunday) and also check out the incredible mural collaboration between he and Georgia.

'On My Mind' mural at Ludlow by Georgia Hill and James Jirat Patradoon

'On My Mind' mural at Ludlow by Georgia Hill and James Jirat Patradoon

And We're Off!

We'd like to say thank you so very very much to all the wonderful people who braved rain, wind, snow and hail to make the opening of Building such a stonking great success. Thanks to all the wonderful artists who contributed so much work that the exhibition was extended from the main area into the workshop space, (now featuring a small candle-lit seating area from which you can enjoy the walls). Thanks to all those who travelled from outside of Orange, from Stuart Town, from Dubbo, from Sydney, from Wollongong and from Perth(!) along snow frosted highways, to come and celebrate with us. Thanks to those artists who traveled from Sydney - Glenn Smith, Cameron Emerson-Elliott, Andrew Fairclough, Georgia Hill, James Jirat Patradoon and Pete Stopniak - you are The Best. Thank you so very much to Orange - all of you who got out and amongst it with us, and gave us so much positive feedback. AND knew how to rug up for the occasion! Thanks to Borrodell for supplying the gorgeous wine for the opening and providing the venue of Sisters Rock Restaurant to take the artists on Saturday to show them the wonders of the local landscape and produce (sorry I stole the photo above from your site.) And thanks Pete Stopniak for sending us the other three photos above. We hope you all had a fantastic time, and will follow up soon with photos and more info on the crazy mural that Georgia Hill and James JIrat Patradoon created in the space on Friday. It's ridic.

Gritty and Great by Andrew Fairclough

Andrew Fairclough's gritty, textured works are grounded in his love of 1950s comics, 1990s photocopy textures and print degradation and his present love of music, skate, surf and ski-boarding culture. This all combines into some stunning graphic illustrations for clients such as Billabong, Nike, American Express and Playboy! He recently launched True Grit Texture Supply to share his detailed textures with illustrators everywhere. We are really honoured that Andrew has created a new print for the Building show. This is a wee crop. You can see his work online here and come along tomorrow night (Friday 24th June) and check it out in the flesh.

Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson for Karen Walker

Kelly Thompson for Karen Walker

Kelly Thompson is widely celebrated for her delicate but vibrant and powerful pencil portraits, as a fashion photographer, and as an Art Director of Melbourne creative agency UNA. She also spends a great deal of time educating and speaking publicly; hosting events or talks outlining the different processes she has mastered in her profession. Her experience and love of the fashion world underlies much of her gorgeous work and has seen her create for a slew of top fashion brands. We are very lucky to have three prints by Kelly in Building, which opens tomorrow (Friday 24th June). Come along and see the balance of feminine delicacy and strength she creates in her work.

Adventures In Design

A huge thanks to Mr Mark Brickey for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with Sonny about the space and all the goals and plans for it. Mark is the man with the voice behind the popular podcast Adventures In Design. He speaks at great length with other creators about the ins and outs of making your way in the world of art for hire, offering great insights to his audience which includes those starting out and seasoned professionals alike.

This week he sat down in LA, Sonny sat down in Orange, and they had a chat about Ludlow, the Building exhibition, ideas, opportunities and practicalities. You can listen along here. Or subscribe to AID in iTunes.

Thanks Mark!

Toby & Pete. And Mirrors. And Lasers.

Toby & Pete for Hungergames.

Toby & Pete for Hungergames.

Toby & Pete is a design studio / creative collective based in Sydney led by principals Toby Pike and Pete Stopniak. Their output includes motion, design and illustration all based in developed concepts and executed in a multitude of different ways. They are well known for making elaborate sets to shoot, and are always pushing the boundaries of commercial art and design.

Their work for Flume, Infinity Prism, which toured the globe, is just one of their spectacular creations you may already be familiar with. They also recently made the cover art for a Disney / Hollywood Records release of Star Wars inspired music produced by Rick Rubin. Out of lasers. 

They've contributed an illustration to Building, opening 6PM this Friday June 24.
Take a looky at their reel above and website here.

The Charms of Eirian Chapman

Eirian Chapman combines bright shapes of colour to create designs and illustration with a stylised vitality. She is an in demand illustrator and designer working from Melbourne, whose works often profile the world of fashion and personal decoration, as well as mythological and religious iconography. Her emblematic illustrations have grazed the pages of Monocle, Howler and Cosmopolitan magazines and advertising campaigns for Mercedez Benz, Tourism Tasmania and The Australian Ballet. 

This recent illustration work she created for Koko Black reeeeeaaaallllly makes me want to sit in front of the fire with a box of chocolates. Right now.

Eirian has contributed to the Building Group show which opens this Friday June 24 at 6PM. You can see more of her work online here.

Emerson-Elliott Extractions

" Visiting Death, spilling his drink"

"Visiting Death, spilling his drink"

Cameron Emerson-Elliott is a Sydney based Art Director, designer and artist whose recent works in ink explore folk art and heraldry. His recent body of work "Details of My Extraction" was exhibited at China Heights Gallery in Surry Hills and saw him research and repurpose the illustrated forms of his own family lineage. Cameron's work brings a warmth to eccentric figures that might belong in an illuminated manuscript. He adds fluid brushwork and humorous personality to the complex histories he describes on the page. You can explore more of his work here.

We are so happy Cameron is part of the Building group show, opening 6PM this Friday June 24.


Chrissie Abbott's Psychedelic Wonderland

Chrissie Abbott creates stunning collages using a variety of media. She's a British Art Director, illustrator and designer now living and working in Australia. Her collages combine themes of science, nature and magic using different materials and the results feel like different worlds colliding in the most beautiful way. Her artwork has been used across music packaging for the likes of Patrick Wolf and Little Boots, in editorial commissions for the New York Times and Wallpaper and across a variety of products, such as her ceramics range with Jaguar Shoes in Shoreditch, London, and THIS INSANELY EXCELLENT BED SET!

Dive on in to her website - here.
Come and see her work as part of Building, this Friday, June 24 at 6PM

Chrissie Abbott "GROWTH" Bed Set

Chrissie Abbott "GROWTH" Bed Set

Chris Yee World

Chris Yee is a unique Sydney artists who consistently blows us away with his pen and ink work. It's cheeky, bizarre, incredibly skillfull and describes a mythical dystopian world saturated with twisted Pop-culture references.

And I love his flags. Those flags are the best. You check them out on his site.
We're also huge fans of the new range of jackets he's just put out with Halfsleeve.
He's one of the artists taking part in Building, which opens this Friday at 6PM.

Chris Yee for Halfsleeve

Chris Yee for Halfsleeve

Home Grown

We've made a lot of the fact we have so many exceptional international artists in the group show, and thought we'd round out the working week with a look at four names on the bill who either grew up or now reside in the region. (Or in the case of French, spent time here as an Artist In Residence.) Those  are:

English-born artist Funeral French now lives and works in Australia and has exhibited both here and abroad for many years. His unique approach to heavy metal inspired artworks has been seen on the covers of many albums, skateboard decks and wall hangings. His recent exhibition at China Heights introduced vibrant colour to his ghoulish images, presented as patches, pins and flags. He's also quite fond of a good cup of tea.

Take a sneaky step over to the dark side - here.

‘COFFIN’ wall hanging/flag by Funeral French (China Heights Gallery) 2016

‘COFFIN’ wall hanging/flag by Funeral French
(China Heights Gallery) 2016

Glenno lives in Sydney and is a powerhouse of productivity. From his work in independent comic book publishing, artwork for his own and a mass of other local and International bands, curating group exhibitions (including a series at the Orange Regional Art Gallery) and arts workshops he is a never-ending pen and ink machine.

His Instagram is a great place to explore.

“DEAD MOON” by Glenn Smith Ink on paper, digital colour. 2010

“DEAD MOON” by Glenn Smith
Ink on paper, digital colour. 2010

Leo also lives and works in Sydney, where his paintings are often exhibited to happily intrigued audiences. He manages to create images that are at once nightmarishly distorted and warm and inviting with a technical skill taken into some crazy stylised places. Bizarre characters inhabit scenes that can appear like a dream version of an old school play set.  

Leo is represented by Galerie pompom and you can delve a lot deeper into his work on their site.


“Untitled (paint pile)” by Leo Coyte Oil on canvas. 2014 Finalist, Sulman Prize

“Untitled (paint pile)” by Leo Coyte
Oil on canvas. 2014
Finalist, Sulman Prize

That's us - Biddy Maroney and Sonny Day. Sonny has curated the show and is managing the space at Ludlow. But we usually work together as illustrators and designers, with a focus on very loud, bright work that's used for music packaging, film posters, cafe branding and many other things.

We also have a website and it's over here.

"The Fly" by WBYK Screen-print. 2014.

"The Fly" by WBYK
Screen-print. 2014.




Kylie Banyard's Exploration of Other Worlds


Kylie Banyard is a multi-media artist working in Sydney. We're fascinated by her recent paintings presenting mysterious yet familiar spaces. Nostalgic visions of the future, community, counter-culture and place are all explored. We're very lucky to have one of her works included in our group show. Kylie is represented by Galerie pompom and you can delve into more of her extraordinary work on their site.

Join us to launch Building at 6PM, June 24.