Technical Ecstasy

OPENING 6PM FRI March 17 2017

Good Eddy and Ludlow Creative Space are thrilled to announce “Technical Ecstasy”, a joint exhibition by creative couple Chrissie Abbott and Richard “French” Sayer.

Chrissie Abbott is a designer, art director and artist from London. Abbott creates tangible versions of alternate realities, dreams of nature and internal theories of the apocalypse, by using mixed media including collage, pen and ink, acrylic and silkscreen printing. Her drawings and animated films are vividly technicolour with a uniquely delicate aesthetic, utilising pattern work and found images.

Recent clients include ASOS, Adidas, Nike, Vans, Gap, Scion, The Barbican, The New York Times, Wallpaper*, Urban Outfitters, Sony BMG and The Ace Hotel.

Richard “French” Sayer is an artist & illustrator originally from the UK, creating artwork, illustration and graphics for the music industry, advertising, print, fashion, publishing and the skateboard industry.

French’s distinctive illustration style conjures imagery of a ghoulish fantasy realm, not too dissimilar from a roll the dice styled board game such as Fighting Fantasy, where the works are referential of a specifically 1970’s ‘medieval space age’ impression upon illustration. French’s artworks are the incarnations one would decorate their bedroom or jacket with when they were fifteen. Dragons, castles, knights, skeletons, wizards and vikings face off in French’s illustrated universe.

French exhibits continuously world wide in both group and solo exhibitions, recently art directing a number of projects for brands and curating exhibitions. French is co-owner and art director of cult skateboard company “Witchcraft Hardware”.